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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much does it cost?
A. Due to various agreements with Dealers around the World, we cannot post the current pricing on the internet. You can call us at 800-483-3437 in the United States or e-mail us at or try the Contact Us section of our website or if you use Skype for international phone calls, add a contact and type in "Trench'N edge trencher" for a VOIP PC to PC call to us.

Q. How deep does it cut?
A. It depends on the model and how wide you want to cut the trench. Our 9HP Landscape & Irrigation Model cuts from 5/8" to 5" wide and 0" to 9" deep depending on the blade. Our 13HP Irrigation and Deep Drain Tile Model cuts 1.75" to 2.5" wide and 0" to 12" deep. Remember we can dial down the depth; each turn of the crank handle the blade drops ".

Q. Are you authorized to sell in European Union (EU) countries?
A. Yes, we have our CE Mark to sell in Europe.

Q. How does it cut in Rocky soils and hard clays?
A. Soils through out the world vary greatly. In Rocky areas we recommend "Shark Teeth" which stand up better than "Conical teeth". Also note that our blade is a "spring loaded" cutting blade. This allows the cutting blade to float on a spring and therefore it can retract. We patented this design. Most other trencher blades are fixed to the machine; therefore the whole machine bounces over the obstructions.

Q. How does it cut multiple trenches without filling the existing trench?
A. You can see "Procedure to Cut Multiple Trenches" on this website. We actually discharge the trenched material out of either side of the trencher. We patented the reversible discharge chute to allow the user to blow the material directly on to tarps; therefore there is minimal clean-up of trenched material. This way you don't ruin lawns or planting beds.


For Smooth Curves and Less Work, Call 1-800-4-T-EDGER, (800-483-3437).
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