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Owners Manual - How To Order Parts and Service

To order parts, or to arrange repair service, contact the nearest authorized TRENCH'N edge dealer. For additional information regarding the TRENCH'N edge, direct inquiries to:

For The Edge, Inc.
8028 Hill Trail N
Lake Elmo, MN. 55042-9534

Telephone (651) 777-7923
FAX (651) 770-9430

To ensure safety and proper operation, always purchase genuine TRENCH'N edge replacement parts from an authorized TRENCH'N edge dealer. Replacement parts from other sources may damage the TRENCH'N edge and/or create a safety hazard. Always refer repairs to properly trained service personnel.

DO NOT ALTER the TRENCH'N edge in any manner. Unauthorized alterations may affect its operation, performance, and may result in injury or death to the operator as well as other individuals in the work area.


For Smooth Curves and Less Work, Call 1-800-4-T-EDGER, (800-483-3437).
For the Edge Inc., 8028 Hill Trail North, Lake Elmo, MN 55042-9534
Phone: (651) 777-7923, Fax: (651) 770-9430
US Patent Number US05964049