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The top ten advantages over the competition

1. Blows trenched material directly on to tarps to eliminate costly clean-up

  • Removes material out of mulched and rock planting beds without costly moving or removal of existing beds.
  • Cuts down build-up of dirt, grass, and old mulch in planting beds year after year.
  • Lowers the cost of herbicides, to kill grass clippings, and new mulch, to cover over dirt, that other trenchers blow into the bed.

2. Multiple clean trenches next to each other - MINI EXCAVATOR

  • Brick edging installed - soldier or sailor course - 1 or 2 passes.
  • Concrete or natural stone retaining walls installed - 2 or 3 passes. - Brick, stone, or stepping stone pathway or walkways - 3 or more passes.
  • Uses MINI-EXCAVATOR BRACKET to keep trencher level.

3. Perfect tight radius circles every time- Single front pivot wheel

  • Allows operator control of steering to do radiuses as tight as 18". (36" for Irrigation Model)
  • Cutting blade centered between rear wheels for more uniform trenches.
  • Cutting blade centered in the middle of the machine to allow straight trenching.

4. Variable depth guide allows the operator to easily select the depth of the cut

  • Dial down the depth of the trench from 0" to 9"-Landscape Unit . To 12" Irrigation Model.
  • Only one blade needed for all depths - each turn of the crank is ".
  • Save hundreds of dollars by eliminating the purchase of multiple blades.

5. Dual side discharge of trenched materials - Increased flexibility

  • Blow trenched material into or out of the planting bed.
  • You can always cut down the hill because the trencher is not limited to one side.

6. Spring loaded cutting blade - to lift cutting blade over obstructions

  • Reduces damage to cutting teeth and lowers maintenance cost.
  • Cutting blade is independent of the frame to allow it to retract and lift over large obstructions (rocks, roots, etc.).

7. Replaceable carbide tipped frost points

  • These replaceable teeth are only $7.50 to replace. Other machines require you to buy a new blade at approximately $120 if their teeth break or bend.
  • Available locally at trencher supply stores.

8. Safety - operator safety is imperative

  • All blades and belts are enclosed in 10 gage steel housing.
  • Other trenchers have open belts and pulleys and only cover their blade with sheet metal and rubber shrouds.

9. Pillow block bearings - provide long life with grease zercs

  • Low cost replacement if necessary.
  • Other trenchers only use a shaft bushing.

10. 9 HP or 13HP engine for additional power to go through tough clay and rocky soils

  • 9 HP on Landscape Model 13HP on Irrigation Model.


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