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Cutting Performance    
Cut a clean trench without material falling back into hole YES  
Blows material 6 or more inches away from trench YES  
Blows material onto tarps for easy clean-up YES  
Blade mounted between rear wheels for uniform trench during tight turns YES  
Blade in-line with front steering wheel so you know exactly where you are trenching YES  
Flat bottom trench YES  
Angled Trench YES  
Narrow Trench 5/8" wide YES  
Square trench YES  
Multiple cutting passes adjacent to existing trenches without filling them in YES  
Retractable spring loaded cutting blade which allows the blade to go up and over obstructions YES  
Discharge material to either side of the machine YES  
Type of Trench:    
Straight YES  
Angled YES  
Low Voltage Lighting 5/8" YES  
Irrigation (2 1/2" wide) YES  
Edging (5" wide) e.g. Brick edging sailor course, SELECTedge, Limestone rock, concrete YES  
Edging (10" wide) e.g. Brick edging soldier course YES  
Retaining walls (12" - 18" wide) YES  
Optional Bracket allows for wider trenchers (18"- 4'+)
Single front wheel YES  
Front pivot steering wheel YES  
Front handle mount directly to the front wheel (No linkage to bend or brake) YES  
Front handle tiltable or fixed Tiltable  
Tight radius circle down to 18" YES  
Front wheel brake using the handle to lock-up the front tire YES  
Depth of Trench (Variable-Adjustable depth or Fixed- purchase multiple blades for each in. of depth) Variable  
Variable 0 to 6" (Landscape model with depth stops in place) 0 to 6"  
Variable 0 to 9" (Landscape model without depth stops in place) 0 to 9"  
Variable 0 to 9" (Irrigation model) 0 to 12"  
Width of Trench (Variable-Adjustable Width or Fixed- purchase multiple blades for each in. of width) Variable  
Landscape Model - One pass - 5" 5"  
Two Passes up to 10" 5" to 10"  
Wheels flipped to the outside of frame 18" 10" to 18"  
With optional "Mini-Excavator Bracket" paths from 10" to 4' with multiple passes 10" to 4'  
Irrigation Model - One pass
1 3/4"- 2 1/2"
1 3/4" -2 1/2"  
Safety for the Operator    
Belts enclosed in steel housing YES  
Cutting blade enclosed in steel housing YES  
Machine lifted to start blade thus launching dirt and rocks at bystanders & operator NO  
Engine - 9 H.P. - For hard clays & rocky soils YES  
Engine - 13 H.P. - For irrigation down to 12" depth 
Wear Parts    
Replaceable carbide tip frost points YES  
Shark Teeth YES  
Replaceable tooth holders YES  
Drive belts - heavy duty BX 59" or BX 60" BX 59" BX 60"  
Bearings - standard pillow blocks w/ grease zercs (removable w/ 2 bolts) YES  

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