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Industries Served

Irrigation Industry United States and 22 Foreign Countries

*Conventional blow-in-the-air sprinkler systems
*Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation (South Western US, Australia, Middle East)
*Irrigation and waterlines for orchards, fruit trees, strawberry farms, truck farming
*Waterlines for cattle, livestock (Rotational grazing)

Landscape Industry

*Low Voltage Lighting
*Drain tile
*Retaining Walls
*Brick, steel, aluminum, plastic edging
*Natural bed edging
*Natural stone edging, walkways
*Tree rings
*Install paver pathways
*Install crushed rock & mulched pathways 

Building and Athletic Industry

*Footings for garages
*Silt fence
*Drain tile and Irrigation for municipal ball fields 

Arbor (trees) and Horticultural Industry

*Radial mulching of trees
*Root pruning 

Security and Cable TV Industry

*Security systems
*Cable for Closed Circuit TV
*Fiber Optic Cable for internet and phone lines
*Magnetic parking control sensors

Other Industries

*Oil remediation on ice roads for the US Air Force and US Navy in Alaska
*Snake fencing
*Critter fencing
*USDA plant research University of Illinois and Texas A & M
*Horticultural research at Community Colleges and Career High Schools


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