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Micro-Trenching for Fiber Optic Cable Installation

The TRENCH’N edge Rotary Trencher can be the most cost effective way of installing fiber optic cable in the last 100 yards of (FTTH) fiber to the home. Our trenchers can cut trenches one (1”) wide by twelve (12”) inches deep with minimal disturbance to lawns, tree roots, and finished landscaping.

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Features of the Micro-Trencher:

  • Our patented, floating cutting blade can cut up and over underground obstructions, while cutting through tree roots that vibratory plows cannot handle.
  • The lighter weight units cause minimal soil compaction to lawns and planting beds.
  • Our patented dual side discharge chute allows the trenched soils to be discharged on either side of the unit. This allows the operator to control the location of the discharged trenched spoils.
  • Our patented discharge chute allows the trenched spoils to be discharged directly onto tarps for easy clean-up, without ruining finished lawns and landscapes. By blowing the trenched material directly onto tarps, the dirt can be dropped back into the trench, after the fiber has been installed, without raking and shoveling the spoils.
  • Our patented front pivot wheel allows the trencher to cut very tight radiuses down to nine (9”) inches. This provides the operator quick turning around trees, permanent concrete structures, and plantings. The trencher blade is adjustable by cranking the blade up and down with a maximum depth of twelve (12”) inches.
  • Our cutting wheel is centered between the rear wheels for increased safety and maneuverability. This feature helps the operator cut straight trenches during long cable runs.
  • The trencher is only twenty-six (26”) inches wide, which allows for easy use through fence gates. It will also fit through doorways for backyard installations. With its narrow profile, the unit can cut within thirteen (13”) inches of foundations, fences, and along other permanent structures.
  • The trencher uses replaceable carbide teeth that can be replaced for only $11.95.
  • All blades and belts are housed behind ten (10) gage steel, for increased safety for the operator and client property.
  • The trencher's compact design will fit in small pick-ups and minivans. This decreases the capital investments for large trucks and trailers to haul larger trenchers to jobsites. This also decreases mobilization costs of fuel, maintenance of additional equipment, state licensing fees and insurance for larger trucks and trailers. The units are easily loaded with aluminum ramps or using a two (2”) receiver hitch cargo carrier.
  • The trencher also has an optional wheel bracket that allows the trencher to cut in uneven surfaces like street curb edges. This allows the trencher to cut along the curb right-of-way, while one wheel is riding in the street.
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